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The 10 most popular alcohol brands in the world and who they belong to

We all know about the leading positions of Apple in the smartphone market, Hewlett Packard in the office equipment market, and which brands occupy the top 10 alcohol markets of the modern world.

A particular expert group, in cooperation with the German newspaper Handelsblatt, carefully studied the financial indicators of alcoholic beverage manufacturers and sales statistics. Thanks to the work done, the top world brands of alcoholic beverage manufacturers are now available to us, and it looks like this:

1. Smirnoff

Smirnoff vodka

The best-selling strong drink in the world is vodka. Vodka under the Smirnoff brand. During the year, over 310,000,000 bottles of 0.7 litres were sold worldwide. Unfortunately, despite the Russian name, vodka belongs to the most significant international concern, Diageo (Great Britain). They also own the rights to drinks such as Captain Morgan, Baileys liqueur and others.

2. Bacardi

Bacardi rum

The best-selling rum in the world. About 240,000,000 bottles of various variations of Bacardi rum are sold. The company’s head office is located in Bermuda, and the corporation owns the rights to more than 200 brands, many of which are known around the world. For example, the famous Martini and expensive vodka GreyGoose are also their property.

3. Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker Whisky

The world-famous Scotch whiskey Johnny Walker is currently the best-selling whiskey. The brand belongs to the same company as Smirnoff – the English Diageo. Sales figures are about 190,000,000 bottles per year.

4. Absolut

Absolut Vodka

Absolut vodka is another one of the best-selling vodka in the world. And again, even though there is an opinion about her Russianness, this is erroneous. Produces the legendary vodka that has become a symbol of the era of the Swedes Vin & Spirit, and they belong to the French giant Pernod Ricard.

5. Jack Daniels

Jack Daniels Whiskey

Another legendary whiskey from the USA occupies an honourable fifth place in the ranking of the best-selling drinks in the world. Jack Daniels is sold in an amount of 125,000,000 bottles per year. The brand belongs to the American company Brown-Forman-Corporation.

6. Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan Rum

And again, the brainchild of the English monopolist Diageo. No matter how it is treated, Captain Morgan is one of the most successful rums of our time. Its result is about 110,000,000 bottles sold per year.

7 and 8. Baileys and Jose Cuervo

Baylis needs no introduction. This is a well-deserved legendary liqueur originally from Ireland, which belongs to the same Diageo. It is sold in an amount of 93,000,000 bottles per year. The same indicators can boast of the top Mexican tequila brand, Jose Cuervo. This is the best-selling tequila in the world, and its victorious history began 222 years ago.

9. Jaegermeister


The famous herbal liqueur with a secret recipe originally from Germany boasts sales of 82,000,000 bottles. It is the most famous German strong drink sold in the world.

10. Ballantines

Ballantines whisky

British whiskey Ballantines closes the top 10 most popular drinks in the world. About 76,000,000 bottles are sold worldwide per year. Owns the rights of the English manufacturer Chivas Brothers, which belongs to the already well-known French giant Pernod Ricard.